Philanthropy and Finance

“Philanthropy” originates from the Greek word meaning “love of humanity” in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it is to be human.

Maja was honored with the Girls Write Now Agent of Change Award in 2023, for her work on bridge building, collaborative leadership and philanthropy by Convergence, Center for Policy Resolution in 2019, and with a Spirit of Philanthropy Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in 2016.

Maja Kristin: Focus on Women

Nourishing organizations that collaborate and braid, that are socially responsible and of service, Maja has a hawk-like vision for implementation—knowing what resources are needed and where they will be most effectively used. This level of discernment guides both her investments for financial return and her charitable contributions.
Maja’s ESG and Impact Investments are placed with companies that hold a solid bottom line and support a higher purpose. These include resource efficiency, companies that include both social and environmental themes, companies that offer affordable financial services, and women- owned and operated businesses.. 

Maja's commitment is to give what she earns.  Her charitable donations help develop an array of non-profit programs locally, nationally, and globally. Currently, she contributes to organizations that collaborate and serve, targeting a wide range of issues.  

Maja founded Family and Beyond to include her blended family members in creative and collaborative giving.


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2022 Grants Maja Kristin
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